Neglect to this minor maintenance item could void your fire insurance!

Cleaning the dryer vents is important–not only for air quality inside the house, but also for making sure that your fire insurance is not voided!

How we do it:
Workers access your vents from the outside opening and using a compressor with a powerful reverse airflow nozzle, we blow the lint and debris back out through the outer opening! We get great results every time.

If necessary, you can also have crews come inside to remove the lint from around connection to the dryer. As this requires homeowners to be home and can be easily done by individual homeowners, may strata councils decline this service, but it’s available if you need it.

Two key points for you to consider:

  1. our service staff are trained for working at heights according to WCB and our own strict safety standards.
  2. we use ladder supports to keep ladders off of gutters and other areas where ladder damage can occur.

Remember that bundling services saves you money and making a commitment saves you even MORE!
Your estimator can get you the lowest prices if you bundle services together. If we have the crew on site with all of the equipment we can save money by doing a few services at the same time. We pass these savings on to you.

HOWEVER, you can save even more by getting cost certainty and inflation protection in a 3 year commitment (up to 5 years is possible!).

Ask your estimator for details.

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