Soft Brush House Wash Package


The Soft Brush is the Hero of this Story
They were created with car detailing in mind, but boy do they do a great job on your siding! With an incredibly high density of ulta-soft specially designed fibres, this brush gets into all the minute divots and crevasses in your siding. You just want to clean your siding without damaging anything right? That’s why this method is so popular.

The Dangers of Pressure Washing
Aside from the obvious problem of water getting into places where it can cause rot, pressure washing does not clean as effectively as our soft-brushes, often leaving particles on the walls. Also, pressure washing can damage the finish on your siding–in the end the siding may be clean, but look terrible because the finish (that wood-like design on your siding) will be all warped. Just say NO to pressure washing siding!


Soft-Brush Siding Cleaning PACKAGE

includes soft-brush siding cleaning, premier window cleaning, cleaning the exterior face of the gutters, and more!

Economies Passed on to You!
If you are considering cleaning the windows during the next year or so, you can realize a great savings by using this package. We use the same labor force, and equipment to clean the windows and the siding. It’s true that it takes more effort and time to make sure all these surfaces are clean, but because we are already there with the manpower and equipment we save a lot of time and pass those savings on to you.

Bundling services saves you Money! Making a commitment saves you More!
Do you want to add cleaning out the inside of your gutters to your Building Wash Package? Or maybe some concrete walkway pressure washing? Your estimator can get you the lowest prices if you bundle services together. HOWEVER, you can save even more for your council by getting cost certainty and inflation protection in a 3 year commitment.

Ask your estimator for details.

Get the most comprehensive exterior cleaning package for the best price!

Services Other companies Jordan Douglas Siding Only Jordan Douglas Bldg. Wash Package
soft-brush siding cleaning X X X
washing down-pipes X X X
washing garage door maybe X X
washing drip edges* not likely X X
washing deck railing exterior face probably not X X
spot cleaning bird droppings on fascia ?!? no X X
Jordan Douglas premiere window cleaning X
cleaning the outside face of your gutters X

* “drip edges” refers to the two inches or so of (vertical) vinyl deck flooring that hangs over the edge of the deck.

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