Window Cleaning

Spot Free / Streak Free windows guaranteed
Jordan Douglas premiere window cleaning means spot-free and streak-free windows guaranteed.

Window cleaning conundrum solved here: squeegee cleaning combined with brush cleaning for the best results
“I like squeegee cleaning because it gets the glass clean without spots and streaks guaranteed. Just the glass, though…”

On the other hand,
“I like the brush cleaning because it gets the frame around the windows really clean too. But sometimes it leaves spots and streaks.. Especially in hot weather..”

We combine both methods to get the advantages of both: spot-free, streak-free windows guaranteed with the added benefits of going over the whole area with a soft brush.

Here’s a secret for you: get our premier window cleaning for free:

A lot of our customers get our premiere window cleaning for free by combining it with our Soft Brush Building Wash Package. If you don’t need your siding cleaned, you can still get great discounts by combining services you do need like gutter cleaning, for example. In short, your estimator can get you the lowest prices if you bundle services together. If we have the crew on site with all of the equipment we can save money by doing a few services at the same time. We pass these savings on to you.

Making a commitment saves you More!
HOWEVER, you can save even more by getting cost certainty and inflation protection in a 3 year commitment (or up to 5 years!).

Ask your estimator for details.

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