Roof Moss Removal Package with a 3-Year Guarantee

This is our most comprehensive roof moss removal service and there are 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Product Application and Wait (up to 6 months)

Using backpack sprayers, we apply a biodegradable spray that kills the moss over time.

The spray is:

  • Bleach and phosphate free
  • Biodegradable with a neutral pH
  • Safe around plants, gardens, children and animals
  • Free from caustic sodas

How it works: when it rains after the spray has been applied, the rain water combines with the residue of spray on the moss to create an environment that virtually smothers the organism. Over the ensuing weeks, the moss will change colour and die.

This is a process that usually takes a few months.

After finishing the product application, we will invoice you for 35% of the total invoice for this service.

Phase 2 – Manual Removal and Roof Treatment
After the moss has died, we return and remove any moss remnants that are still clinging to the roof.

At this point, we also apply the same product a 2nd time, but this time its purpose is to serve as a preventive. The product adheres to the roof and makes it a toxic environment for fungi for up to 4 years.

When we have finished this phase of the service, we will invoice you for the remaining 65% of the invoice for this service.

Phase 3 – Guarantee / Maintenance
After Phase 2 and for 3 years from the time of our initial (product application) visit, we guarantee that your roofs will stay moss free. Should any moss appear, we will come and remove it.

Remember that bundling services saves you money and making a commitment saves you even MORE!
that your estimator can get you the lowest prices if you bundle services together. If we have the crew on site with all of the equipment we can save money by doing a few services at the same time. We pass these savings on to you.

HOWEVER, you can save even more by getting cost certainty and inflation protection in a 3 year commitment (up to 5 years is possible!).

Ask your estimator for details.

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